Love Light Coaching

Love Light Coaching

Love Light Coaching and Light of Haiti

Love Light Coaching is the coaching part of Light of Haiti, LLC. It shares Light of Haiti's mission of making a difference for people by empowering them. Love Light Coaching provides relationship/life and wellness coaching services to women in their mid 30s-40s after a break up.  My clients will gain clarity about their patterns in relationships and in life in general, what relationship and life they truly want, create a plan and take action towards their desired goals.

Who I Work With

I work with women who value themselves, their lives and know they are meant to feel empowered, be happy and make a difference for people. They are ready to step out of their comfort zones and stop playing small. They know it won't be easy but they are ready to step into and remain in the light and they know I will be their guide throughout their journey. I support, celebrate, hold my clients' agenda and hold them accountable in their journey into the light.

What People Can Expect from Working with Me

My clients get to know themselves, I offer them a safe place to express themselves and talk about their desires and dreams. They get that they are the creators of their lives and they not society get to choose what lives they want to live. Together we will discover their limiting beliefs and they will understand self-sabotage. They will learn a new way of seeing themselves, others and a new way of being. Awareness is important to transformation. By being aware of their limiting beliefs, the way they sabotage themselves,  they will challenge themselves to think and act in a new way that is aligned to their goals. Together we will create a plan that will lead them to their desired outcome.

People who work with me reconnect with themselves, feel empowered, excited, and are living their own lives doing what matters to them. They get in action creating a life they love, get in a new fulfilling relationship, create and have  a physical routine and spiritual practice that works for them. Specifically, my clients feel fulfilled, empowered, and get in action creating the meaningful life and relationship they desire.