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Nadjejda's Cookbook, Love Light Recipes is now available on Amazon!

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Nadjejda is passionate about cooking healthy food and is committed to empowering, supporting, inspiring, and motivating others to have a healthy lifestyle. In the book, she shares her clean eating journey, food philosophy, and some wellness tips and affirmations along with over 40 vegan and vegetarian recipes. If you're looking for some yummy/healthy recipes and wellness tips and affirmations, you want to check out this e-book. Click here or the link on top to review and get on Amazon!

Light of Haiti's tweet featured on O, The Oprah Magazine's May 2014 Issue

Light of Haiti's 1st tweet on O Magazine

Nadjejda was inspired by Oprah Winfrey and others' campaign, Just Say Hello which was encouraging people to say hello, greet people wherever they go and reach out to people they hadn't spoken to in a while and to share the experience on social media. Nadjejda loved it and decided to join and tweeted her different experiences and this one was featured on O Magazine. It was a great experience and she also encouraged others to join the campaign.

Nadjejda Featured On the Haitian Embassy's Website's Haiti's Entrepreneurs and Businesses' section in Washington, DC

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Nadjejda was featured on the Embassy of Haiti's website in Washington, DC in the section reserved to showcase Haitian entrepreneurs and businesses. It was a great honor for her to be featured and


"When I started life coaching, I originally wanted a guide to help structure my business ideas. With Nadjejda's coaching I came to see that every aspect of life begins with the foundation inside yourself. It was what I really needed at this point in my life and honestly I will continue to do it because we're always on a path to becoming stronger and deeper within ourselves. I was searching for who I was as a woman and I've been able to find that. And it's only the beginning. I've gained so much insight and wisdom through her coaching. Coaching with Nadjejda brought me back to the person I really am, someone I had forgotten about and didn't know if I would ever find again. Life coaching took me to the next level in life. I would choose coaching over counseling any day because Nadjejda worked with me as my partner in order for me to find the answers within myself and not in a study."

Jennifer Ingalls, Professional in the Fitness Sector 

"How do I describe what Nadjejda had done for me? She is very kind and nice person and very professional. I was going through a very difficult time in my life. Complicated by sickness and the onset of divorce while being sick. I had a young child at home and I was recovering from my illness. I had to learn to do stuff for myself and for him. I always had a partner to work with and this would've been very difficult. I realize that I needed a coach or someone to help me get from point a to point B. I do everything for and with my son. My days are surrounded by activities for him. I get no help from the other side. I realize talking to Nadjejda that I needed to start doing stuff for myself. My big obstacle was how do I begin, I was afraid to start doing things alone. At that point and Nadjejda suggested made many suggestions all of which, I embraced. I can gladly say I'm glad she did. I have begun meeting different people. And interacting with other adults about all sorts of things. This has really helped. I'm taking time out for me. Thank you so much Nadjejda. I am now embarking on her 21-day forgiveness journey, keeping an open mind. I believe Nadjejda is good at what she does. She's patient and listens. I truly believe she can get you from point a to b. Sometimes we need these sorts of encouragements and people on our corner. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Martine M.

“I came to coaching because I wanted to make major changes in my life regarding my career and my health.  I quickly learned that Nadjejda was the empowering and supportive coach I had been longing for!  Nadjejda used her intuition to deeply understand what was going on in my life and then tailored her coaching approach to a style that would work best for me and my tendencies.  Nadjejda truly empowered me by striking the perfect balance between guiding me to have my own realizations and challenging me to step out of my comfort zone to consider different philosophies that could further enhance my life.  Needless to say, I successfully made the life changes I wanted to make!  Thank you Nadjejda!”

Taryn Laughlin, Business Owner

“Nadjejda Chapoteau has been my coach through an exciting period as I worked to build my own coaching business. I am profoundly grateful for the way that she helped me keep focused on what mattered and encouraged me to set “stretch” goals that I then achieved. I have no doubt that I would have made less progress and made it in a more haphazard fashion without the inspiration and encouragement that she provided.”

David Bean, Business Owner

“Working with Nadjejda was great.  Her coaching helped to create a mental clearing for me.  I appreciated her ability to listen carefully and provide insight.  Her supportive and understanding nature makes her a great coach and someone I can trust.”

Michelle, Professional in the Medical Sector

“I am at a crossroads in my career and trying to decide what to do next. When the opportunity came up to meet with Nadjejda, I thought, what the heck, I don't have anything to lose. Nadjejda's coaching was worthwhile because she asked probing questions to help me get clear about what it is that I truly want and what fear or mental road blocks are in my way. Nadjejda definitely helped me identify my concerns but also the possibilities that lay ahead.”

Sophia, Professional in the Development Sector

“When I started working with Nadjejda, I had many questions about how to successfully move forward in my personal and professional life. During the time we worked together she helped me create a concrete action plan and next steps for me to take for each of my stated goals. I identified personal strengths that I could use to move in a positive direction. Nadjejda is positive, encouraging, intuitive, and inspiring. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking clarity and meaning in their lives!”

Kalee Singh Professional in the Development Sector

"The 10-Day Forgiveness Challenge helped me by focusing on forgiveness, different techniques, and sharing experiences everyday for 10 consecutive days. It allowed time for reflection and for others in the group to share their own struggles or experiences. Also, it provided a support group while going through the forgiveness process."

Nery Martinez, Professional (10-Day Forgiveness Challenge Participant)