About Light of Haiti

Light of Haiti

Light of Haiti (LOH) stands for empowerment, transformation and love. It is spreading love, light and transformation through relationship, life, and wellness coaching, yoga and meditation retreats and zumba services. Light of Haiti was founded by Nadjejda Chapoteau, a Haitian American woman passionate about life, driven and determined to make a positive impact in the world especially in Haiti. Light of Haiti was born out of Nadjejda combining her passions of empowering and inspiring people to create a life they love. It's her way of making a difference in the world. She believes when people are feel empowered and are living a life they love, it has a positive impact on society. It's a ripple effect the world will benefit from and her vision is for Light of Haiti to make a difference in Haiti by supporting programs that empowers the Haitian people.

Light of Haiti's Mission: 

Light of Haiti’s mission is to equip people with empowering tools to create and have a life they love by getting out of the dark and stepping into and remaining in the light. Light of Haiti provides mainly relationship, life, and wellness coaching services and will hold yoga and meditation retreats, spiritual/motivational workshops and zumba events in Haiti and in the United States.

Light of Haiti's Vision:

Light of Haiti’s vision is to provide a sacred space and empower individuals around the world in their life journey. Through its services it will empower, inspire, and motivate people to reach their full potential, create and have a life they love.

What Motivated Nadjejda Chapoteau to Start Light of Haiti?